It was a usual quiet Thursday in Enugu-Ngwo. Around the hour of 11am when most residents had gone for work, business and working in farms, leaving behind the very old, nursing mothers, and the sick. This was the time 7 men in plain clothes, in a plain car chose to abduct or rather arrest the President-General of Enugu-Ngwo Community.

While two of the men alighted from the bus unarmed, five others hid inside the bus with guns, and bulletproof vests laying ambush, ready to pounce.

While the two men casually strolled into the PG’s premises and knocked at the door, an observant neighbour living within the premises had observed the men’s suspicious movement and also noticing a disappearing figure pointing frantically, identifying the gate leading to the PG’s premises. Fearing the worse, he promptly called the PG on phone, warning him not to answer the door or let anyone in, stressing that some strange faces who appeared suspicious have besieged his house.

The PG and the good neighbour immediately swung into action, making calls to friends, various security outfits, a call was placed to the Igwe’s recidence and within a short moment, the entire community comprising women of all ages, youths, the elderly and even Nollywood veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor, aka Mama G, all trooped in to know what fate had befallen their esteemed President-General.


When the entire community surrounded the vehicle of the men and inquired who they were, they introduced themselves as policemen from Force Headquarters Abuja. Upon further enquiries as to what the PG had done wrong to warrant an arrest, the police answered one Ken Onoh had written a petition against the PG at force headquarters.

At this point, some angry members of the crowd observed that a petition should be preceded by an invitation and not an arrest. It was at this point a member of the police team scrambled for a rumpled piece of paper containing the invitation. An eagle-eyed member of the crowd noticed the letter was dated 10th, instead of 21st June, the day they came to deliver the said invitation.

Also, the two police officers who had approached the door to accost the PG were not holding the invitation letter and it does not appear as standard police protocol to serve a letter of invitation with seven armed men in a plain vehicle.

Upon sensing their lack of thoroughness, the police team hastily scribbled to correct the date of the invitation in handwriting as against the computer print that bore the initial date.

Women began raining curses, young men swore, elders shook their heads in disappointment as the police team looked beclouded, never having experienced a situation where an entire village defiled their comfort and safety to stand behind their President-General.

The police team was eventually led to the palace of the Igwe, who expressed his astonishment why the police will attempt to effect the arrest of a President-General over communal maters and bypass the Igwe of same community.

The Igwe informed the police team, that the PG, John Emwu, did not act on his own accord but did the bidding of the entire community as evidenced by the large crowd standing in unflinching solidarity.

The police team in a fit of sober reflection admitted they did not realise the situation was not as they were informed, which by itself an implict admission of lack of investigation.

They eventually left without their target but implored the PG to heed to the invitation by coming to force Headquarters Abuja on the 28 of June.


Lodega had reported about the face off between Ken Onoh, Son of former C.C Onoh, a former Governor of old Anambra state, and his entire community of Enugu-Ngwo.

Investigation and various village sources revealed Ken Onoh had claimed a large parcel of land belonging to the community for himself and had gifted/sold plots to friends and high government officials within the state.

Upon discovery of the on going sale of community land, the village authority was said to have inquired of Ken on what authority was he gifting out community land. The village task force for land further seized the battery to the tractor, used in levelling off the land and stopped further progress of work.

In response, Ken Onoh seized the village wheel loader for land clearance and towed it with a recovery truck to the Central Police Station Enugu. It was gathered that the DPO of CPS called both parties to resolve the issue with the community insisting all work and on going sales of land be stopped.

Report has it that Mr. Ken Onoh then waited some weeks before demolishing the fence erected on the community land and arrested the village taskforce chairman for lands over claims of threat to life and cultism.

At this point the village Elders in Council made several summons to Ken Onoh for a dialogue and lasting peace, all of which was turned down.

He was subsequently banished by the community, striped of his Ozo tittle and excommunicated by the people of Enugu-Ngwo.

Lodega forum has made several efforts to get the views and comments from Ken Onoh, but there has been no response to the text or calls sent to his phone.

Further investigation around the community indicated that the PG, whom many consider as forthright, transparent and honest has the mandate of the entire community in safeguarding and reclaiming the communal land that has been under illegal sale by some group of people.

A source close to the Igwe’s palace who spoke on condition of anonymity intimated that the PG is not claiming the land for himself but was recovering the property for the entire community.


John Enwu who has continued to enjoy the support and blessings of the entire community was recently presented with a Hilux pickup truck for serving the community without bias or personal interest.

Presenting the vehicle, the spokesperson for Enugu-Ngwo Community in Lagos extolled the President-General for his unprecedented leadership and ability to unite the entire Enugu-Ngwo community.


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