Recently, when Samsung was ordered to pay up over half a billion dollars for years of copying Iphone and iPad designs and ideas, we thought Samsung will add just a little wit in stealing iPhones designs and ideas whenever it felt the urge.

But in all honesty, they did veered off IPhone’s path even after shamelessly writing a book on how to steal iPhone’s design.

With Samsung’s infinitely and timeless design on its flagships, Samsung felt content and made no move to clone iPhone recently, even after dozens of other Android manufacturing companies have shamelessly cloned the iPhone X. Yes, there are over a dozen android devices that have sheepishly cloned the iPhone X literally.

Well, old habits they say die hard. So spy shots of new un-released Samsung was spotted in China as handsome as ever…

Let’s take a look at Samsung’s older devices. You can see they all had their rear cameras at the centre position. This has been Samsung trademark design for years.Well after apple made the iPhone X deputed, Samsung came out with the A9 star with th

It appears Samsung just couldn’t resist the urge to do what it taught others to do; copy iPhone nakedly. More photos of the soon-to-be released Galaxy A9 star.

It’s always been a matter of time after all.

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