It was not surprising when Buhari was received like Royalty on his official visit to Morocco few weeks ago. The Nigerian President holds the card in Morocco’s geopolitical plans and roadmap. This is why Nigeria and her siblings in the West African subregion should be weary of Morocco’s motive and history as she applies international lobbying to join the Economic Community Of West African States, ECOWAS.

Let’s read this excerpt from Bankole Omotoso:

It was funny-depressing to be told on arrival in Port Moresby that Papua New Guinea was a colony of Australia.

Just as it is funny-annoying to be introduced to a person who used to be a slave who now owns slaves.

Or to hear of a people who used to be persecuted en mass who now persecute another set of people because they can do it and get away with it.

Because other people who cried foul at their persecution now protect their persecution of others.

Which teaches us that we only hear “never again” when we are the ones hurting. When others are hurting it is often their business alone.

Our crown prince of Africanists Kwame Nkrumah insisted that the independence of Ghana was meaningless as long as there was one African country under colonial rule.

During his time South Africa was not free.

Namibia, at that time known as South West Africa, was not free.

A number of Portuguese and Spanish colonies also existed on the continent.

But other than the apartheid government of South Africa, no African country colonised another African country.

By 1994 when South Africa became independent every African country was free. Kwame Nkrumah, we all felt, would feel triumphant in his grave.

This was possible only because we had forgotten about Morocco’s occupation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic after the Spanish abandoned it in 1975.

SADR is rich in minerals both on shore and off shore.

The Organisation of African Unity, now African Union, admitted SADR into the Organisation in 1984. Morocco walked out of the OAU because of this. Polisario was recognised as the rightful government of SADR.

Then, about two years or so ago, Morocco went round African countries asking that it be re-readmitted into the African Union.

Not only that. “Morocco asked the African Union to reconsider its stance on recognising SADR when it requested to rejoin.”

Morocco was readmitted into the AU without changing the status of SADR within the African Union.

Morocco has other ambitions. It wants to join the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS.

It also plans a charm offensive against SADR in the sub-Saharan countries of the African Union.

Morocco’s recent failure to win hosting the 2026 Football World Cup should teach it a lesson.

Remembering that the same Morocco refused to host the Africa Cup of Nations in January 2015 following outbreak of Ebola in some African countries, some African countries voted against Morocco.

Liberia and Sierra Leone voted against Morocco.

These two countries are members of ECOWAS and they are most likely to oppose Morocco’s membership of their ECOWAS.

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