The United Kingdom has risen up from a COBRA meeting ( a meeting convened when there’s a domestic or international crisis) and declared grave consequences if Iran does not resolve the issue over the seized vessel, Stena Impero.

The UK believes the seizure by the Iranian authorities is borne out of retaliation of the British seizure of an Iranian oil vessel suspected to be shipping oil to Syria.

British Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt said, “These seizures are unacceptable. It is essential that freedom of navigation is maintained and that all ships can move safely and freely in the region,”.

“We are absolutely clear that if this situation is not resolved quickly, there will be serious consequences,” Hunt said. “We’re not looking at military options, we’re looking at a diplomatic way to resolve this situation. But we are very clear that it must be resolved.”

American President, Donald Trump has said he will be discussing with Brian over the matter while stating that although the US does not have enough vessel at the Straight of Hormuz but nonetheless maintains a seizable military presence there. US has begun protection of its commercial shipping vessels in the area.

The Seized British Ship has no British national on board but sources confirmed it was registered in Britain. Owners of the shipping vessel confirmed an helicopter and other smaller shipping vessels intercepted the Stena Impero before it was unaccounted for.

Iranian authorities have so far given conflicting reports of the incidence that led to the seizure with earlier report saying the ship violated international rules and other report saying it collided with a shipping vessel.

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