The ECOWAS Parliament has said it will be resending MPs on a peacekeeping mission to Sierra Leone next month. The decision announced by the Speaker, Moustapha Cisse Lo, came at the request of the Sierra Leonian MPs requesting the mediating presence of the parliament to smoothen the lingering tensions in the country. Addressing the Speaker, Hon. Shiaka Sama, said although the parliament had successfully mediated over the political conflict of Sierra Leone’s parliament, the latest attack on the Mayor of Freetown, Yvonne Aki-Sawyer, on May 24, had raised tensions in the country. Sama called on the parliament to resend the peacekeeping mission to Sierra Leone to help douse the remaining tensions. Meantime, Hon. Mahama Ayariga, advised the peacekeeping mission should be sent within the next month in order to adhere to the country’s election policy – that all election matter must be addressed within 4 months after the election. Hon. Mohammed Lafiagi, advised the return mission to Sierra to be headed by the Chair of the Political Affairs, Peace, Security and APRM, Yahya Sangare, to include some members of the original mission, to ensure smooth deliberation. Speaker, Cisse Lo, said the parliament will resend a mission to Sierra Leone within the next two or three weeks.


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