After a series of back and forth, colourful expletives, dangerous rhetorics and threats of war North Korea and America are now the threshhold of making history as Kim Jong-un arrived in Singapore ahead of a landmark summit with Donald Trump that could end a tense nuclear standoff, herald international legitimacy for North Korea and ensure stability in the world.

Singapore’s foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan announced the arrival of the North Korean leader by posting a picture on Twitter of him shaking hands with Mr Kim wearing glasses and a dark Maoist suit.

The scheduled meeting on the island of Sentosa on Tuesday will to be the first time any leaders of the US and North Korea would have met. There has never had been any direct private conversation or phone call between the leaders of both countries.

The two countries were on the brink of war last year, with their leaders trading insults and threats, until Mr Kim made a dramatic offer in March to meet Mr Trump and discuss nuclear disarmament, which the American president quickly accepted.

Mr Kim’s journey from international pariah to being regarded as a responsible head of state has taken just a few months.

After inheriting an intermittent nuclear programme that was making little progress, Mr Kim poured his countries scarce resources into developing a nuclear-armed missile capable of hitting the United States.

North Korea announced it had achieved that capability late last year. Although unproven, the claim was credible enough for Washington to take Mr Kim more seriously.

On Thursday, Mr Trump dangled the prospect of normalised relations with the United States, and even a White House visit for Mr Kim if he ditched his nuclear arsenal.

For Mr Kim, who is third in North Korea’s ruling dynasty, the summit affords both him and his long-isolated country the international legitimacy of which his father and grandfather could only dream.

Mr Trump said he and Mr Kim could even sign an agreement to end the Korean War, which was concluded only with a truce, not a peace treaty.


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