It is estimated that Nigeria spends roughly $1 billion annually in medical tourism abroad and kidney transplant takes a substantial chunk of that sum.

Thus All of South East Nigeria, nay the entire country will have reasons to heave a sigh of medical relief as The University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, UNTH has taken steps to begin a first of its kind kidney Transplant operation in the Eastern part of the country.

An inside source revealed the health programs will be more than 300% cheaper that what obtains elsewhere as the hospital management has taken an undertaking and partnership with BLK Multi-specialist Hospital, an Indian firm to launch the operation Enugu. The first phase of the operation will commence 7th to 14th July, 2018 and then every quarter.

Nigeria, whose citizens spend millions of dollars yearly in medical tourism abroad seeking treatment for liver and kidney failure, heart-related ailment and other major operations, lacks basic world standard hospitals as it suffers from braindrain and Government neglect.

There has seen a sustained lack of faith in Nigeria health system as thousands of Nigerian doctors are scattered across UK, US and Asia practicing in an environment where itvis believed will expose them to better medical challenges and exposure.

Nigeria’s current President, Muhammadu Buhari who rode to power on one of many promises , one of which to end foreign medical trips by government officials has not been able to keep faith with the state of Nigeria’s hospital.

With the commencement of domestic kidney transplant starting next month, the long wait for procuring visa and treatment abroad and heavy financial cost will be a thing of the past.

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