Following the recent death of a woman ehi jumped into her death at the lagos lagoon over infidelity, Nigeria has Ranked 30th Most Suicide Nation.

This followed recent deaths at third mainland bridge in Lagos since 2016. The number of deaths by suicide Nigeria has now risen to 80 in the last one year alone .

Nigerians have continued to lament the increasing number of suicide cases in the country and have urged Governments at all levels to take drastic measures to curb the trend .

A World Health Organisation (WHO )’s suicide ranking , showed that 800, 000 people die globally from suicide every year , with 15 . 1 suicides per 100, 000 people annually , Nigeria now ranks the 30th most suicide -prone country out of 183 nations in the world .
Nigeria is also ranked the 10 th African country with a higher rate of suicide , leading countries like Togo ( 26 th) , Sierra Leone (11 th ) , Angola (19 th ), Equatorial Guinea (7 th ), Burkina Faso (22 nd ) and Cote d ’ Ivoire (fifth) .
With reasons varying from mental disorders , financial difficulty , marital problems , academic challenges, depression and rejection , Lagos State leads the list with 15 reported cases within the period under review

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