France, West Africa’s (ECOWAS) perennial enemy, a European power diminished in global significance and holding on to its West African colony in a desperate pretence of global importance.

Perhaps economic and political expediency is why the world’s romance headquarters has also managed to keep West Africa divided along Anglophone and Francophone lines. A move that has dampened and hindered ECOWAS potentials.

Admiring Great Britain and also envying her, looking to match up the international flair and conglomeration of the Common Wealth of Nations, France has, for her own international motives, kept her formal West African colonies apart in complete integration with her Anglophone neighbours to frustrate the goals and objectives of the Economic Community Of West African States, ECOWAS.

Championing region integration and corporation in Europe and prompting disharmony and dubious conspiracy theories in Africa has been the legacy of France. It is no coincidence that Anglophone West Africa comlridico just 4 in West Africa’s 16 are more economically more robust than their francophone counterparts, with Nigeria accoujtoac for a roughly 70% of the region’s economy and 60% of the population, a fertile ground for regional hegemony.

This is what France fears and secretly abhors Nigeria for. A ignorant giant with no political lense and tentacles to feel the geopolitical opportunity that awaits her. For France, it is a looming , lurking fear of stamping out her post colonial fantasies and association, something she so envies Britain for with The Common Wealth Of Nations.

As President Macron visits the region’s powerhouse, he comes as a rival not as a friend, the leader of a nation that would never see West Africa unit into a force of economic and military power.

It is still puzzling why France would sign a military pact with her formal colonies. African countries are not wont to meddle in international affairs, perhaps only South Africa in a habitual fit of punching above her diplomatic, economic and military weight, so the only reason logical for France to ever implement its defence pact is the likelihood of going to war with one African country against another African country.

Like Russia the thirst for lost and past glory remains ever so enchanting to the point of resurgence.


Written by Odega Leslie Andrews.

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