With other countries nursing the idea of an EU pull out, the European Union is in a fix on how to secure a Brexit deal for The UK.

Denmark , a country where a considerable number of citizens desire some level of independence from the European Union are closely watching the Brexit deal , thereby putting the EU in a spot.

DANISH eurosceptics are plotting on using the British Brexit deal as a blueprint to relaunch their own attempt to leave the European Union.

Danish People’s Party leader Kristian Thulesen Dahl admit plans to quit the Brussels bloc are currently on hold while they wait for an “alternative” to membership.

The politician expects Britain to become that very “alternative”, when Brexit creates a roadmap for other countries to leave the EU.

Speaking at a gathering, Mr Thulesen Dahl told supporters of the part they are not aiming for an exit vote just yet, but shouldn’t rule it out depending on Britain’s departure.

He said: “We should not leave the EU right now.”

“We do not propose to exit the EU without there being an alternative,” he added.

“When the British have made an agreement with the EU, there is such an alternative.”

Speaking to reporters after the speech in in the southern Danish town of Sonderborg, Mr Thulesen Dahl said he could use the British deal to demand similar concessions for Denmark.

One option would be a looser relationship with the EU, one that “mirrors what the British get”, he said.

“There are plenty of opportunities for Denmark to run more things on its own.”

However, the populist leader wouldn’t rule out a referendum on securing the same concessions as Britain while remaining an EU member.

Denmark has held various referenda on EU matters so far, voting in favor of EU membership in 1972 and against the euro in 2000. It has also obtained various British-style opt-outs.

The populist Danish People’s Party are the junior coalition partner in Lars Lokke Rasmussen’s minority government.

The ruling Venstre are under pressure from the left-wing Social Democrats, putting the Danish Peope’s Party’s position at threat.

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