Joe Budden, a rapper turned pundit seems to think drake had split his song “Emotionless” containing the original rumoured Career-ending diss song unreleased by Drske against Pusha T and Kanye West.

Budden also thinks the second verse of “8 out of 10” is a continuation of the first verse in “emotionless”.


“I think that  Drake was somewhere with Kanye. I think they were talking about stuff, as they were working. I think that Drake probably let Kanye hear a good amount of what he was working on, because that’s what artists do. I think that this is while his June date is announced. He never said June-what, he always just said June. I think he then left Kanye, and I think when he went back to Kanye, there was a whole bunch of people around. Room full of rappers. I think when he went back to Kanye, Kanye had his whole June rollout planned.

I think that everything Kanye has done in the past month with that bullshit, was totally centered around whatever information he got from Drake before he departed. I think when Drake left the second time, that’s when a diss record came out – Drake’s “Duppy” freestyle.”

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