The elders in council in Enugu-Ngwo has resolved, after long deliberations , to excommunicate Ken Onoh, for allegedly unsettling the community of Enugu-Ngwo and causing rift within the fabric of well-being of the community.

Ken Onoh who is a senior Special Adviser to the Enugu State Governor for Special Duties had piqued the ire of the community when he dabbled into community land tussle, allegedly attempting to claim for himself a large parcel of land. It is reported that he had laid claim to the land by citing instances where the landed property belongs to his late father, Christian Chukwuma Onoh, popularly known by his coined acronym, C.C Onoh, the former Governor of old Anambra State.

Ken had dragged the head of the community Task force in charge of lands to an Enugu high court over charges of cultism and threat to life. This tellingly infuriated the entire community who resolved to rally behind the Chairman taskforce community on Enugu-Ngwo land to secure bail and legal aid.

Sources within the government of Enugu-Ngwo claim the President General of Enugu-Ngwo , John Enwo, has repeatedly rebuffed Ken’s attempts to initiate a clandestine means to resolve the land in contention, and instead proposed a meeting with involving stakeholders to a lasting solution.

Ken who had been invited twice by the community for a means to ending the melee didn’t honour both invitations and further slighted the community by using security operatives to halt the ongoing work of land reclamation setup by Enugu-ngwo and engaged the taskforce chairman in a legal brawl over what many believe to be fabricated charges.

The Elders In Council has resolved that Ken Onoh is no longer a part of Enugu-Ngwo committee until he retracts claims on the contested land and pay a fine of two sizable cows as appeasement!

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