A German pulbic broadcasting platform, ZDF have been publicly slammed for its racist views during the coverage of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. Broadcasters reportedly announced they were mesmerized by how African-Americans straighten their hair, repeatedly referred to Meghan Markle and black wedding guests as “exotic,” and said the gospel choir at the wedding sang “beautifully black,” German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle reported.

At a point, one of the announcers voiced his suggestion as to whether “Are those dreadlocks on Meghan’s mother?” Another responded, according to DW: “It’s curly hair that’s been somewhat de-curled, same as Meghan probably does all the time.”

The broadcaster was hit with criticism in emails, on Twitter and by phone. ZDF has not apologized for its coverage, but told DW that “we take the criticism of our viewers seriously.” The ZDF spokeswoman also said the network received praise for its coverage.

At a time German Chancellor Angela Merkel is putting Germany as Europe’s new Pioneer for tolerance, liberalism and non-racist ideas, would the utterances of one of Germany’s media house negate her efforts and alter Germany’s public image?

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