An angry South African took to social media to vent his frustrations on why South Africa would be labelled “xenophobic” for killing “illegal” African migrants. Citing the rot of public infrastructure by foreigners and human trafficking as genuine reasons for the backlash.



“I am sick and tired of defending south africa from being labeled a xenophobic country. Yes we south africans hate illegal immigrants what’s wrong with that? How would you feel if people were to come into your country without proper procedure? Skipping your border and hijacking inner city buildings as Well and using them for human trafficking and drug trafficking like some Nigerians have done in joburg inner areas like hillbrow and areas that used to be affluent in the days of apartheid. Now it’s a drug den and sex traficking paradise run by Nigerian citizens. Still wonder why we are xenophobic? You will never hear of a south african drug dealing mogul in lagos. We south africans contribute lawfully to the economy of Nigeria and the rest of africa we have brought good businesses that employ millions of natives. But when africans come here they rot our country and have no regard for south african law enforcement and you wonder why we are xenophobic. Yes we are xenophobic because we suffered long and hard to get our freedom for it to be destroyed by a bunch of lawless illegal african immigrants. We will continue to chase them out of our great country until they all fear to come to South Africa with bad intentions.”

South Africa which is the most unequal country in the world with pay gap between whites and blacks standing at a very wide margin, has a lot of unemplyed, disillusioned black population who wait on government food stamps. In recent years the government has come up with lots of programs to transfer wealth to black population like BEE which turned out to enrich only few ANC bigwigs.

Other migrating blacks who are often accused of taking jobs are targeted in looting, burning and seizure of their properties and cash. In 2015, a number of African countries including Nigeria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ghana threatened reprisals when some black South Africans went on a xenophobic spree.

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