A police officer exerting physical punishment on a young man in broad daylight

The report, conducted by the World Internal Security and Police Index, and issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace, and the International Police Science Association ranked Nigeria Police bottom last in the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons Nigeria police became an embarrassment to the country.

1. It’s only in Nigeria one would see a long queue on a free road as early as 8am with a police team doing routine stop and search, when no robbery took place or missing vehicle reported or fleeing suspect sighted.

No, the Nigeria Police doesn’t need any reasonable, valid, logical or legal reason to pull traffic in rush hour, asking motorists to produce their vehicle papers and driver’s license. The driver doesn’t need to have broken a traffic low or driving in a dented car. There is no reasonable suspicion for a police team to distrupt the floor of morning traffic when citizens are heading for their businesses and places of work to start demanding for vehicle registration and licences drawing a long trail of traffic behind.

The sad part is this practice is routine for the police. It is strange and unthinkable for a Nigerian to politely ask a policeman on duty the reason he is being pulled aside or summoned. That act will be treated as a challenge or verbal affront.

2. Citizens are made to pay for the investigation of their own cases. It is a common scenario to hear Nigerians express their unwillingness to report cases of misdemeanor or minor theft to the police because you will need to provide transportation or provide fuel for the police vehicles taking you to the suspect or crime scene after which you are expected to show monetary gratitude to the Investigating officers.

3. The Nigerian police is generally seen as a force of occupation littering the highways and Street road obstructing traffic. When traveling across regions oe towns, it is hard to decipher what is mode annoying; the frequent potholes or ceaseless police stops pulling you over for no reasonable suspicion other than to ask you for your vehicle papers or licence and then something for the “boys”

4. The police has failed to come up with a uniform requirement for vehicle owners. Thereby creating a situation of confusion for motorists as in a single stretch of road two different police team could ask you of different papers.

The force headquarters have put forward the requirements for motorists to produce during routine search, but it is a different game when you’re faced with a patrol team on the road. They invent the rules and the motive is bribe and extortion.

5. It is standard practice for Nigerian police to break a rule in trying to solve a puzzle or solve a crime.

For example, When the motorized tricycle locally called “keke napep” became a popular means of transportation for Nigerians, it wasn’t long for hoodlums to take advantage of the new means of transportation to disposes some passengers. To solve this problem, the Nigerian police came up with a genius plan: they ordered all tricycle operators to remove the factory-fitted terpilene that protects occupants and drivers from rain, dust and sun.

A motorized tricycle used as a form of transportation in Nigeria

Yes, if you’re in Nigeria and board a keke napep and become unfortunate to have the heavens cry rain, you will drenched while still on your journey all thanks to the Nigeria Police who want to be able to have an unobstructed view of the occupants to prevent kidnapping and robbery.
This reminds us how motorbike transportation was outlawed because the Nigeria police couldn’t think of any ways to outsmart or outrun criminals who mounted bikes to rob.

And the current fad in Nigeria today is the Yahoo-Yahoo scheme , a local term for internet scam. It is now routine and common place for Nigeria Police to accost young men going about their business and demand to see their phone gallery, emails, social media account all without a search warrant or formal complaints.

This is the way the Nigeria police think internet scammers are to be curbed. Ironically over half the men of the force are not internet-compliant or own a social media account!

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