Popular singer, Dollarmachine has revealed his own personal encounter with men of the Nigerian police. The singer who alleged he was brutalised, harrased and taken to the police station only to be released after “investigation”. According to the singer, the only excuse given by the officers of the Nigeria police was that “we mistook you for one of the bad boy”, a classic trademarks abuse by the Nigeria police where youth with fancy hairstyles, loud clothing are harrased and arrested before the facts are checked. It is still a sad point in our policing that these kind of police behaviour has not been properly termed for what it truly is; Harassment!

In most cases, victims of this kind of profiling are arrested in the spot without as much as questioning or investigation. Mobile phones are immediately demanded on the spot and the police officer surfs through your personal content and social media conversation just like that and what determines if you will be arrested is his limited understanding of social media experiences.

The Nigeria police are slow to social fad and find it hard to grasp and evolve with advancement of their communities. In a society where the police perpetually two steps behind the social and technological evolution of the society there are meant to protect, every youth who does legitimate business on the internet using his mobile phone runs a real risk of being called and arrested as an internet fraud and suffers true pains at the hands of the Nigerian police; every young and upcoming artists will be exposed to the risk of being arrested indiscriminately for doing nothing but dressing like a bad boy, or jobless youth.

Every youth who takes his laptop from home to office will be asked to produce the receipt on the road and failure will result in the laptop being confiscated.

Unfortunately, public trust and image is not a top priority to the NP, with that impunity will never be perceived as shameful.



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