A purse snatcher and phone thief met his Waterloo today when he actually snatched the phone of a young lady at the popular New Market in Enugu.

The woman who came to buy groceries and other items was walking towards the car park with both hands preoccupied with the items form her market shopping when the thief struck.

Ripping through her handbag in a burst of speed and dexterity, he shredded the bag, grabbed the phone and zoomed off with lightening pace.

The screams of the victim attracted passersby…but with a struck of luck too, the thief stumbled on his steps and fell down, sending the phone tumbling across the dirty market road…

Young men and boys quickly mobilised and gave chase, within seconds, the thief was apprehended and the worrisome trend enveloping Nigeria ensued; jungle justice!

The thief was lynched by the mob in a most brutal and violent manner. Sticks, stones and rocks were freely used. Leaving broken bones and bleeding on the thief.

Security personnel, however responded promptly to calm the situation and took the injured thief to the Central Police Station, Enugu.

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