If there’s any well established trademark scheme for Nigerian policemen or politicians it is denial of responsibility, a stunning reluctance to own up for action or inaction and avoidance of culpability.

So it wasn’t altogether surprising after the stuttering blunder of the Inspector General of Police (IG) in his inability to read his own speech was blamed altogether on mystical mischief makers who doctored the video clip before redistributing it.

While the clip appeared to have been doctored a bit, it takes nothing away from the reality there was a grave pratfall from Mr. Ibrahim Idris. At least, we saw a sympathetic man who dashed to the podium to help steady the sheet and also offered pronunciation guide to Mr. Idris.

And then there’s the apology by the IG and voice quivering that one might wonder if video editing has been revolutionalized. No matter what side the debate tilts to, Nigerians have demanded the unedited version of the video clip to substantiate the claim by the police and government that the video clip was doctored.

This would of course be of little significance in implication but Nigerians need to know that police denial sometimes can be honest.

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