Nigerian Instagram date gone wrong. A young man who met a girl on social media and planned on meeting seems to be impatient as he resorted to virtual violence and threats of assassination.

The young man who seemed to hail from Western parts of Nigeria appeared to be frustrated after the said lady invited him to her residence for first time meeting.

However it seems the young man got in late or had something else planned up as he allegedly asked the lady to meet him up by 12am local time. The lady who turned down the request as a result of the odd timing got the shocker as she got a promise of assassination.

There’s been a couple of reported cases of rape and murder on social media dates in Nigeria in recent times.

“So I have been chatting with this guy for a few weeks, he kept asking me to come to his place somewhere in Ogun state, a place I have never heard of, I declined, and suggested he comes to mine, few days ago he called and said he was coming to my house so I directed him to a restaurant nearby, next he said he wasn’t there yet, at 12am midnight he called and said he’s at the venue, that we should go clubbing.

I told him it was midnight and gates were closed, that was it. He hung up on me and called me names, but I didn’t really, earlier yesterday morning he sent this, threatening get me assassinated”


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