This is a true life story shared by a patriotic Nigerian youth detailing his encounter with some policemen who accosted him over fabricated charges. Every Nigerian youth ever encountering harassment from Nigeria police and in need of help should  read this.


So I decided to share this because I realized there are many people out there that need it, so I implore you to kindly see it to the end and I promise you that it would be worth your time.
Earlier yesterday (15/06/17) while returning from somewhere I was stopped by a Police officer probably because I was having a backpack with me.

So the dude stopped me and demanded to see what’s in the bag, I showed it to him and he found a laptop there. I don’t know maybe that gave him the impression that I’m a yahoo boy or something but after several attempts to power the PC and it’s not coming up so I told him the battery was down.

Then he asked for my ID Card, which I showed him, then he requested for my phone. Now I know some of you are gonna say the CP of police said No officer has the right to a citizen phone, Yeah! I knew about that but I don’t really think it’s going to work with a typical Nigeria Police officer who’s on a mission to get something from you, so I just obliged and gave him the phone after unlocking it, the dude practically launched my whatsapp app and read almost all the chats, he keeps going at it until he came across my chat with a friend where I said “300$ PayPal” and Yipee! That gave me out as a Yahoo boy. He was so keen on that fact that discussing about a dollar means I’m a yahoo guy. After so many attempts to reason with him failed, he led me to their station and demanded for a whooping sum of #50,000 for bail. I swear I don’t know why but I had to laugh when he mentioned that sum.

So I was like I don’t have that kind of money and he told me to call my family, I replied by saying they aren’t in lag (actually that was a lie, I had to say that because I had no intention of having anyone worried over me).

After spending up to 3hours in the station, I saw an old friend who is probably a sergeant or something so I told him all what happened and he promised to help out. This guy went in and came back to tell me that they’ve accepted to release me on #30,000 bail. I was so filled with rage, disappointment, fear all at the same time.

But for God so good, I was scrolling through my phone and I saw a pix my phone downloaded from whatsapp probably because my Auto download was on. In the pix is some words that read thus: “have you ever been harassed by a police officer? Charged unnecessarily? Or anything of such, if so call any of these number”. I punched the digits on my phone and dialled the number, that call was directly to the CP office after reporting everything that transpired between the Inspector, the person asked me which division of the police station I was, I told him and he ended the call.

Some few minutes after that I was summoned from where I am by the DPO himself and after explaining things to him he apologised on behalf of his officers and told the man that arrested me that the CP has already made a decision on him, meanwhile I couldn’t wait and listen to the rest of the story since I was in haste to break my fast.

I realized many people have experienced so many injustice at the hands of these Men in Black, many are still experiencing it and many will still experience it. I decided to give the contact I dialed out to people as many as possible. Yeah.

The numbers are: 0805-700-0002 and 0805-700-0001. (0805-700-0003 is for WhatsApp ONLY). I don’t know how far this message will go but if it ever get to you, please don’t hesitate to share it with others.

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