A police officer exerting physical punishment on a young man in broad daylight

On Saturday 12th of May at about 8pm,I was in a taxi along Uselu Lagos road in Benin. Police stopped us and asked for my phone, I gave them, they saw the picture of a sweatshirt i was interested in and had ordered for online that was worn by a white model advertising the brand and said I’m a yahoo boy so they took me to New Benin Police Station in Benin City and told me to bring 50,000. I called my elder brother and he came and the Inspector told him that they will frame me up for kidnapping or by pretending to search my house and planting contraband goods or that they can even send incriminating evidence to my phone if I don’t give them money. They asked me to open my first bank Mobile App account to check if I had money in it and I did they saw no funds and asked me to tell my elder brother who’s a pastor to also open his zenith bank Mobile App.They told him to give them 7,000 because he had only 8,500 in the account. This was already about 12am. My brother didn’t want me to sleep in the police station so he transferred money to one of the officers there under the supervision of the Inspector. We were over 20 young boys they had arrested without justification that night. I want justice sir. The police is not a revenue generation agency, your boys are making it so. My brother and I can identify the officers and the Inspector who was in charge there that night.
God bless you sir!

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