It is one thing for a man to assault a lady and quite another for a police officer on uniform to assault a lady and quite another to assist a mother with her infant strapped to her back.

This is the scenario that played out in Nigeria’s Western region where police men attacked an innocent woman over her call for caution when the commercial motorcycle transporting her was stopped by the police.

The incident which occurred at mokola in Ibadan,some Police men harassed a lady who was on a bike with her baby strapped to her back,the Lady said the policemen, in their usual forceful demand of money gratification, were trying to extort money from the motorcycle rider transporting her and her baby which resulted in the rider losing control  and crashing onto the ground due to the abrupt stoping by  the police officers. She said when she stood up and told the police man that because of the N50 they wanted to collect,she nearly loose her life with her baby on her back,the next thing she heard was
a loud slap on her face…

Nigeria police have come under heavy criticism for lack of professionalism, corruption, bribery, extortion and illegal arrest both locally and internationally. Recently the Nigeria Police force has been rated the worse Police Unit globally a reputation that doesn’t seem to bother the hierarchy very much.

There’s been half-hearted efforts to redeem the Nigeria police as the Inspector General Of Police , Mr Ibrahim Idris has recently ordered the infamous Police department for Special Anti Robbery Squad, SARS to refrain from conducting stop and search unless necessary.

In Nigeria it is routine practice for police to stop cars and people randomly for search without any formal or informal complaint or reasonable suspicion, all that’s is conventionally required is the judgment of the police officer. Hence it is not uncommon to see a long line of traffic on Nigerian roads with police at the head checking vehicle particulars without any traffic violation or screening of suspect.


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