The Hama Batta, Alhamdu Teneke , has said killer herdsmen , who attacked the Bare and Dowaya communities in the Demsa Local Government Area of Adamawa State , told the farmers that they would not allow the farmers to farm on their lands.

This is coming shortly after the killer herdsmen have sacked thoudsnds in Northern Nigeria, Plateau State killjg over 200 hundred people and burning houses, then proceeded eothiw days to rename the towns and villages of the displaced people.

According to the first  class chief, the notice served by the herdsmen during their last attack on Dowaya and Bare is likely to cause famine because of the threat by the herdsmen not to allow any farming activities in the area .
Alhamdu , who said this during an advocacy visit by UNWOMEN Media Network on Saturday, stated that women and children were the most affected by the attacks.
The first class chief called on the military and police to persevere and ensure an end to the killings .
A leading Nigeria paper had reported that no fewer than 21 persons were reportedly killed in the attacks on Dowaya , Demsa local government areas in the first attacks, while another attack in Bare on Tuesday resulted in the deaths of two more persons, which indigens claimed were carried out by armed Fulani herdsmen .
He said , “The entire Numan people are living in fear of the unknown. In some areas , the herdsmen categorically stated that they would not allow the farmers to farm on their land . Especially in Numan , the herdsmen mentioned that they would not allow them to farm and that , even if they do, they were going to destroy their farmlands .

“But we have informed the government of this . Definitely , if the government does not come to our rescue this rainy season , our people will not be able to farm. These farmers depend on the land for their livelihoods . If they don’t farm , then , there will be famine because they will have nothing to eat .”
According to Alhamdu, most communities , under the Numan federation , require security presence for the farmers to go to their farmlands.

Nigrrisn government has ordered a sweeping reorganization of security agencies in the country but security situations shows no signs of improving yet.

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