– The police car broke down the airport toll gate barrier

– The police got angry for losing the suspects

– A police officer in the car accused the toll gate workers of allowing the suspect get away

– Police allegedly shot hitting Adeparusi, walked up to him and retrieved the expended shell.


A security expert as Tunde Adeparusi, was shot and wounded after he was hit by a bullet fired by policemen attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, Lagos on Friday.

The security expert was on his way to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport on Friday, when the bullet shot by cops chasing some suspects around the airport tollgate, pierced his car and hit him.

It was gathered that one of the policemen was said to have resorted to shooting, when they were challenged for breaking the barrier at the tollgate. Speaking to Punch’s correspondent, the security expert explained that he was waiting at the tollgate to pay a gate fee when he was hit by the stray bullet.

“I was at the airport tollgate on Friday around 12.35pm, waiting to be attended to. I noticed that on the exit side of the tollgate, one vehicle sped past, while another speeding vehicle broke the barrier.

“After occupants of the vehicle noticed that they have broken the barrier, they stopped.

“Argument ensued between workers at the tollgate and the occupants of the vehicle who were apparently policemen; and before we know what happened we heard gunshots.

“They started shooting when the workers at the tollgate challenged them. The officer who shot was inside the car shouting that the workers allowed the suspects they were chasing to escape, threatening that he would shoot, and he eventually released some shots.

“At first, I did not know it was a gunshot, but I noticed that something pierced through my window side and the glass shattered on my face.

“One of the tollgate attendants shouted, ‘They have shot this man,’ not knowing that it was me they were referring to until I saw blood on my face.

“The policemen thought I was dead, one of them came out of the vehicle to pick up the empty shell and they drove off.

“I came out of my vehicle and I was taken to a nearby hospital. If not for God, I probably would have lost my life on Friday” he said.

He added that the CCTV footage revealing the face of one of the policemen, was released to Bisam Police Station where the case was reported to. However Joseph Alabi, the Police Public Relation Officer for the Airport Command said he was not aware of the matter.

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