Join us by 9pm today on 99.9 Family Love FM Enugu on our program Tori Wowor as we discuss simple technique to stay safe.


Tonight’stalk on Tori Wowor would be about ATM fraud; How it affects us all.

A young man has landed in police custody after supposedly helping a thief withdraw money with a stolen ATM card…

The robber who met a long queue at the ATM stand pleased with the Good Samaritan to help in when it got to his turn as his father was undergoing a crucial operation at the hospital and the money was meant as a deposit demanded by the hospital for operation to begin…

Join us by 9pm on 99.9 Family Love FM Enugu as we discuss of simple technique to stay safe.

You can send your real-life stories with us here to be aired on radio or call 08157546354

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