Over the past several months, the Nigeria police have been trending negatively in social media for all the wrong reasons. With the alleged shooting of an APC top gun on Ekiti State, the assault by pepper spray on acyoing man at China town Ojota few days ago, the ceaseless harassment of young men in an almost daily basis along the streets of Lagos and most parts of Southern Nigeria, it is about time the Nigerian Government acknowledge there’s a crisis within the police force and declare a state of emergency to address the total distrust snd disconnect between law abiding citizens and the police.

At the risk of blaming Nigeria’s rising social media report as a new digital coup against the police, especially its Special Anti-Robbery Squad, it is expidient to realise the international survey group has placed Nigeria police the worse in the world, ranking far below war-torn countries like Sudan, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Eritrea and others.

Recently In a video obtained by Newshelm Nigeria, two members of the SARS division of the Nigerian Police force were captured beating the hell out of a citizen in an alleged attempt to seize his bike.

According to the eye-witness report:

“What is happening in Nigeria with the so called Police men/Sars ! I was in a little traffic along the uncompleted road of Ajase Ipo Ilorin when I suddenly a bike on motion running towards the drainage and jumped out to escape the chase by Olusin of Isanlu Isin entourage which happens to be Nigeria police men. He left his bike and as they were about to carry it, he came back begging and they started beating him mercilessly. What could he have done in a traffic caused by abandon road project to deserve this treatment of beating with Koboko (horsewhip)”

It is a common practice for Nigerian Government officials, top military brass, and high ranking police officers to employ the use of police convoy during road trips. And at times as these, all traffic rules and right of way are suspended and disregarded. Such vehicles could be seen driving against traffic, double-crossing other vehicles, beating traffic light and intimidating–sometimes causing body harm to motorists and their vehicles.

It is the convention in Nigeria. Like all rules, legal way of driving only applies to the masses while those in Government have are always with the discretion to accent or not to.

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