Nigeria is perhaps the only country in the world where police stop vehicles for searching and checking of vehicle documents when the driver has not violated any traffic laws or had been reported on or the vehicle being under investigation or stolen.

The motivation is often a wild goose chase for a lucky catch of any random car driving with expired papers. And it is business as usual; negotiations are carried out on the spot before the driver is allowed to go.

This is why a good number of police extra-judicial killings happen at Checkpoints in Nigeria.

Today, according to  Amagitesblog, a female Corps member, Igwetu Linda Nkechi, bled to death in a hospital after she was shot by the police today in Abuja.

According to a friend of hers who shared the story on Twitter, She passed a checkpoint but didn’t stop, one of the policemen opened fire on the car and the bullet hit Angela by her side.

She was taken to the hospital and bleed to death because no police report.

According to her sister who also shared the story on Twitter crying for help, Angela was meant to pass out tomorrow.

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