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Kidney Transplant Centres And Prices In Nigeria  

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There is no need travelling to India, Dubai, the UK and the USA for kidney transplant anymore as there are now government owned kidney transplant centres spread across Nigeria with competent manpower and up-to-date facilities. Morever, why travel abroad when you can get a renal transplant done here at a cheaper rate with good outcome plus support from family and friends?

Below are are list of government own kidney transplant centres in Nigeria:

Had performed a total of 5 kidney transplant so far. Had a second successful transplant on a 41-year-old policeman in 2016. The donor was his 42 year old brother. Both the recipient and the donor survived the surgery.

Cost: Announcing the surgery to newsmen, chief Medical Director of the hospital said the kidney transplant cost 4.5 million Naira.

2. Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia
Reputed to have performed the first kidney transplant in South-Eastern Nigeria.The first patient to receive a new kidney was a 37-year-old businessman, Mr. Oji Ogbonanya Ule, who had been battling with kidney problem for four years. His new kidney was donated by his 58-year-old uncle who is a civil servant. 

Cost: They reportedly paid #5.5 million Naira for this procedure.

3. Lagos University Teaching Hospital
In 2011, a thirty eight-year-old woman was the recipient of the first successful kidney transplantation surgery at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Since then, they have carried out series of successful renal transplant. 

Cost of renal transplant in LUTH is #8 million Naira.

4. University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital
Nigeria’s first kidney transplant was conducted on 31-year-old Suleiman Usman in Sept. 2010 by the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH), in collaboration with the Bayero University Teaching Hospital, Kano and the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

The kidney was donated by his brother, Abubakar Usman at the university Kidney Centre.

Cost: #5 million.

5. Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital

Has performed the highest number of kidney transplants in Nigeria. The OAUTH, Ile-Ife, was the first teaching hospital in Nigeria to carry out an indigenous kidney transplant in June, 2002. According to the Chief Medical Director, the hospital has performed a total of 15 kidney transplants and over 70 open heart surgeries with no complications. They recently acquired modern facilities to enhance patient care. 

Cost: With 6.5 million Naira, you can have a successful renal transplant in OAUTH.

6. Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital
The most successful of the government owned kidney transplant centres in Nigeria with 19 recorded successful transplants. 

Cost of renal transplant Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital is 5.5 million including drugs.

7. Delta University Teaching Hospital (DELSUTH)
It was reported on Premium Times that DELSUTH performed their first successful kidney transplant in 2014. However, they have not been consistent with the renal transplant programme as there have been an interlude of 5 years now. Anyway, dialysis in this centre is highly subsidized by the state government for indigenes. 

DELSUTH conducted their first renal transplant for #6 million Naira.

8. University College Hospital, Ibadan
University College Hospital is one of the oldest kidney transplant centres in Nigeria. Had their first successful renal transplant in 2008 and have been consistent ever since averaging about 5 transplants every year. 

Cost of renal transplant in UCH is #7.5 million Naira plus drugs.

9. University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu
Located in Nssuka, Enugu. The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH) performed their first successful kidney transplant in 2018 and has been consistent ever since. 

The cost of renal transplant in UNTH is #3.5 million Naira including 6 months immunosuppressive drugs.

10. Uthman Danfodio University Teaching Hospital, Sokoto
Had plans underway to perform their first renal transplant in 2016 but has not really kicked started. The plans are still underway.

We need more kidney transplant centres in Nigeria to cater for the health of teeming Nigerians with kidney diseases.


Posted : 25/08/2019 1:46 pm

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