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Teenager Sets His Lover Ablaze For Alleged Cheating  

Ellie O
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A 19-year-old boy Victor Orji has been arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly burning his 24-year-old lover to death over alleged infidelity.
The incident occurred on Saturday morning at G54 Army Post Service Housing Estate, Ojo.

Orji, alleged to be a fraudster, was alleged to have poured petrol on his lover Mariam Alabi after she allegedly went to stay with another man on Thursday and Friday.

The suspect allegedly confessed that the N600,000 he used to rent their accommodation as part of the proceeds of fraud, adding that he had been involved in such business for about three years.
According to the suspect, he had discovered through her phone when she returned on Friday that she went to see another man and not her father as she claimed.

He said the woman also left their home on Thursday to fix her hair but did not return till the following day, Friday and again left claiming she was going to her father’s.

Orji who said he went through her phone and saw her chats, video calls and nude pictures she sent to another man, claimed that she had agreed to stop prostitution when she moved into his place in March.

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Posted : 09/12/2019 5:40 pm

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