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21-Year-Old Male Arrested For Decapitating Lady And Eating Her Brain. Suspect Claims He Did It Because He Was Hungry  

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21-year-old Lloyd Bagtong, has been arrested for beheading a woman before eating her brain with rice due to intense  lack of food.

The young  man, was arrested on Thursday, December 5, on the island of Mindanao, after  a woman’s corpse was  reportedly found naked from the waist up, with her head cut off and both hands tied  in the Misamis Oriental province of Northern Mindanao




According to the Philippine Daily Inquirer reports,  Bagtong revealed that he was drunk and hungry when the woman tried to speak to him in the early morning in English, which he didn’t understand.

“The suspect said he killed the victim because she was speaking in English. This probably irritated him,” the Inquirer quoted Talisayan police chief Maribeth Ramoga as saying.


Authorities believe the suspect killed and decapitated her at the scene using a large machete before he then used a piece of cloth to carry the head back to his home.

During Police search at his home, they recovered the woman’s skull from his property, along with a piece of bloody cloth they believe was used to carry it there.

Bagtong, who is now in police custody and has been sent for psychiatric evaluation

Posted : 07/12/2019 9:01 am

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