Nicki Minaj has unwittingly drew unnecessary attention on Tyga’s hairline while Twitter-feuding with her ex, Safaree.

In other to come out tops in the text-jostling, and expose Safaree as needing medical help with his receding hairline, she spilt the milk about Tyga also embarking on a medical trip to realign his hairline.

During the heated Twitter battle between Nicky Minaj and her ex, the rapper decided to drag Safaree by bringing up his hairline surgery, which she claims to have paid more than 10 racks for.

In an attempt to further embarrass Samuels, she claimed the surgery didn’t work…unlike someone else she knows by the name of Tyga. Nicki says the two went to the same doctor, but Tyga had better results because “GOD DONT LIKE UGLY.” 

The insults were directed at Safaree, but in the process, Minaj unnecessarily aired out Tyga’s business, revealing to the world that the “Taste” rapper has had work done on his hairline. For what it’s worth, Safaree later clarified that they went to different doctors.

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