Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy has thrown the concept, viability and honesty of Nigeria’s feminism into a situation of confusion.

For years, perhaps even till now, Linda Ikeji has represented the face of honest feminism in Nigeria, not only because of her stand on celibacy and implied scorn for marriage, she also has pioneered digital independence in Nigeria by building a multi-million dollar brand on her own efforts.

So many feminist/independent minded women in Nigeria has alway cited her as the perfect example of desexualisation, removing the stereotype of womanhood and its perceived limitation.

Well, now that she got digitally pregnant right out of nowhere and a lot of observers like myself couldn’t help but wonder aloud; “why now?

Why at this point when menopause and ovarian failure is catching up on her? Is she making a frantic, desperate, last minute realisation that motherhood is key? And she rushed in , in the last minute of her fertility widow to apply for motherhood before her biological clock ticks her fertility away?

One may never know the chief motivating factor for her sudden state but perhaps, the lightening-fast rebuttal by this blogging icon of a suggestion by the controversial producer and song writer , Charley Boy in Tweet that she heeded to his advice of getting pregnant out of wedlock…and Linda Ikeji couldn’t take the “misrepresentation” of her character without setting the rocord straight.

Her long sustained song has been celibacy and she wasn’t about to allow her old-time friend to ruin her legacy. So she abruptly announced “I’m getting married” on her Twitter handle.

But it’s not enough, the vow and advocacy of her celibacy crusade has been laid empty and hypocritical by her pregnancy and her Nigerian followers motivated by her cheap unfounded feminism chant have been left disillusioned half way without explanation.

Perhaps, Linda has seen the joy of marriage in a closer perspective in her younger sister who got married last year. Perhaps it’s because she’s got a radical change of life, marriage and womanhood.

But what ever the reason, the idea of feminism will never remain the same again to millions of girls who look up to her as a beckon of complete feminism.

The reason for Linda to decide in a late motherhood isn’t a casual decision.

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