According to unconfirmed reports, President Muhammadu Buhari has sacked the newly appointed APC National Chairman over the phone.

Oshiomole has irked party members with his tradmark garrulous and out-of-place utterances. Seen by many as lacking in poise and grace, unbridled with a penchant for graving media spotlight, the APC National Chairman, went as far as whipping ministers into line, publicly and in doing so, made a condescending remark to the President in a subtle admission that the President tolerates indiscipline, a situation the main opposition party quickly took advantage of.

The APC National Chairman has at one point threaten to sack and suspend appointed members of the President from the party.

Also, Adams Oshiomole was infamous for speaking directly with the opposition in a tactless back and forth, part of which was attacking the Senate President, Bukola Saraki that we will not return back as senator in 2019. A remark that drew a thorough word-flogging from the Senate President.

Now, the All progressives Congress (APC) is in disarray as Buhari asks Oshimole to resign. Buhari in a telephone called Oshimole after discussion with the APC hierarchy asked Oshimoe to tender his resignation letter to save the party from total collapse.

Reports quoting party insiders said the president was visibly angry with the gale of defection hitting the All Progressives Congress APC, across the country. He was said to have lashed out at the party Chairman for his inefficiency to control the situation.

The president was said to be disappointed with the party chairman especially on the national assembly saga which had drawn international condemnation and disgrace to the country and his government.

The final straw was the embarrassing new revelations of over 589,000 members of APC announcing the withdrawal of their membership of the party and defecting to the opposition party PDP. It is also said that the president is still contemplating withdrawing from contesting the 2019 presidential election

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